PAPA Chain is

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Note: The PAPA token is no longer supported and there is currently no PAPA token
in circulation. Please be wary of scams.


  • Algorithmic token pegged to 0.01 AVAX on Avalanche.
  • Building a DeFi ecosystem, including ZSwap, ZBank and more...
  • Built by PAPA on AVAX, partnered with SnapEx.

PAPA Chain

We expect PAPA Chain to be the first EVM-compatible blockchain built with the metaverse and gaming applications in mind.

A third generation blockchain platform designed for building fast, scalable, distributed metaverse applications with options for low fee and feeless transactions.


An original collection of 1,000 unique NFTs with highly-detailed voxel-style artwork. PAPAs can be rock stars, kings, rappers, or even a little robotic, wooden or outlandish at times!

This NFT will be focused on rewarding our loyal community members, as we continue to work on our next major project. Stay tuned for more info on our genesis NFT.

PAPA NFT - Minting Now!